Welcome to Film Factory, the business savvy, results focused video production company based in Hampshire.
We specialise in making films that create an emotional connection with your audience, which is the key to driving action.
There has never been a better time to utilise film to tell your story and fast forward your growth.

How can film grow your business?

higher visibility + more leads + better conversion rates + customer loyalty = accelerated growth

Brand enhancement

Video is the best way to tell your story and engage your audience. Use film strategically to build brand awareness and loyalty. An effective film strategy will ensure you stand out from your competitors who may be relying on more traditional marketing channels.

Lead generation

Film is an essential lead generation tool that will work for you 24/7 across a range of social media platforms as well as your website. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and is owned by the largest, Google, where you are 53 times more likely to get a page 1 ranking with video.

Customer conversion

Prospects who watch video are 85% more likely to become customers and conversion rates (CVR) for online shoppers increase by up to 400% when they view film. Film is the preferred medium for shoppers using their smart phones and tablets to research and buy, as it delivers a more engaging shopping experience.

Customer engagement

Growth is not all about new customers—it is also important to keep existing customers coming back for more. Film allows businesses to engage their customers across a range of devices and channels to build loyalty and increase the lifetime value of each relationship.

Why film works

the business case for film is well proven with many compelling statistics. Here are some of our favourites:


more chance of a prospect becoming a customer if they view video


people in the UK watch online video each week


more likely to get a page one Google rank with video


increase in conversion rate for online shoppers who watch video

Our approach

we go further than other film makers so that you get more from your investment in film

Strategy and budget

Every business is different and requires a unique strategy that recognises their specific circumstances and objectives. Before we start making any films, we work with you to define a film strategy that aligns with both your business needs and budgetary constraints. This includes documenting the desired results and expected ROI, so you can be sure everyone is working towards the same goals—improving your business!

Planning and production

Informed by the film strategy, our experienced directors and project managers will manage the entire process—before, during and after filming—to ensure minimum distractions to your business and deliver the best quality films. You retain creative control over the films we make for you and we won’t stop until you approve the final film for distribution.

Distribution and analytics

Most film makers consider their job done when the film is ready — for us, this is just the beginning of the journey and we then focus on ensuring that your film generates the results and ROI envisaged in the strategy. This includes distribution of the film to maximise views as well as analysing the results and even making adjustments to the film if necessary to optimise performance.

Our Offering

Our innovative range of solutions means you always have the right film for any situation

Bespoke Video Production

Nothing sells your business better than a beautifully made bespoke film. Our team will work with you to tell the story of your business and its key products and services through the medium of film to create engaging experiences for prospects, customers, partners, investors or followers. From initial concepts and storyboarding to filming and post production, we manage the entire process on your behalf to ensure maximum efficiency.

Brand Films

We love to make films that create an emotional response and nowhere is this more important than your brand film where you are seeking to make that first connection with a potential new customer. From one minute brand films right up to 30 minute documentaries we make sure that your brand has maximum impact.

Automated Video Production

The only way to effectively scale video to support hundreds (or thousands) of products is to use technology to automate the process. Our team will work with you to create one or more video templates that sell your products in the most effective manner. We then merge these templates with your product catalogue to create a unique video for each product. We will even keep the videos updated automatically as your products change.

Branded Video Portal

Ideal for larger companies who have or plan to have a lot of film based content that they need to share with various stakeholders such as employees, investors, customers and partners. Built on the leading video content management system, your video portal helps you manage and maintain your video content quickly and easilty.

Personalised Video

The next big thing in video marketing. Personalised Videos dramatically improve customer engagement and retention. There are a number of applications, from personalised video newsletters to personalised video billing. Our team will work with you to create compelling video templates that can be integrated with your customer database or mailing lists, to create a unique video for each contact that will build loyalty.

Video Performance Optimisation

Our VPO service is focused on achieving the best results for each film and includes: Video Distribution to ensure maximum video views; Video Sitemap to maximise Video SEO; Video Analytics to monitor performance on a regular basis; and A/B Testing to evaluate potential performance improvements.

What makes us different

we don’t just make films—we deliver results

Strategy first

We look at the business first to understand where film can have the biggest impact and devise a strategy to meet your requirements.

Value For Money

We are looking to build long term relationships and realise that the key to this is delivering real value.

Appropriate Solutions

Our comprehensive range of film solutions and technologies allows us to deliver the best fit for your needs.

Cinematic style

Rich colours, flattering lighting, grain, depth of field—giving a pleasing look that helps to create an emotional connection.

Results orientated

We don’t just make films—we work tirelessly to ensure that the films we produce deliver the expected result.

Emotional Connection

This is the key to converting followers into fans and fans into customers.

Don’t just take our word for it...

  • It was really important that any film worked with our overall marketing strategy—the guys at Film Factory got the whole process and what we were trying to achieve.

    Director - 5 Past 7
  • I would recommend Film Factory, they really understood how film could help us achieve our business goals.

    MD - Event Management Company
  • Film Factory really got our business and what we were about. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    CEO - Legal Process Outsourcing company

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